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At Chiltern Water & Environment, we provide customised commercial water testing services to meet the unique needs of our clients in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, The Midlands and across the UK.

Legionella control compliance

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella Pneumophila bacteria. Other species of legionella can cause less serious illnesses as well, such as Pontiac fever. The disease is contracted by breathing in aerosol (small water droplets) containing a significant number of the bacteria. Anyone can become infected, but the elderly and immunosuppressed are more susceptible. Legionella bacteria is found in nearly all water systems, but normally at low, safe levels. However, within domestic and other man-made water systems, conditions often arise where it can proliferate to dangerous levels. Exposure often occurs at outlets producing significant amounts of aerosol, such as showers.

Duty Holders of all commercial and public building premises are legally required to assess the risk from legionella to anyone using the water systems and put in place control measures if required. The HSE has produced ACoP L8 and HSG274 as a guidance for Duty Holders obligations. These are free to download from the HSE website:
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Owners of commercial premises must carry out:

  • A legionella risk assessment that can identify and assess the risk from each open water system. (N.B. small systems in shops and small offices may only require a simple risk assessment; refer to residential/small system services)
If significant risks are identified then:
A control scheme must be established to monitor the risks, remediate any issue identified and ensure the system is adequately maintained to prevent future risks.
  • A competent responsible person is nominated to ensure the above is carried out effectively.
Some systems may require additional water sampling, especially where susceptible people are present, history of legionella issues or the control scheme cannot be adequately maintained.
Private water supplies

Our commercial water testing services include:

  • Carrying out legionella risk assessments
  • Providing remedial services, including tank cleaning and water system disinfections
  • Helping monitor the system by providing template record sheets and training your site staff on how to carry out checks
  • Alternatively, we can carry out temperature monitoring, asset inspections or water sampling on your behalf
  • Sampling and inspecting cooling towers
  • Sampling water systems for legionella in care homes, hospices and hospitals
  • Provide training to responsible persons or site staff carrying out the control scheme
  • Audit your records to help demonstrate compliance with requirements
  • Help you respond to legionellosis or legionella contamination incidents
Swimming pools and bathing waters

Our risk assessments are more than just legionella risk assessments 

We call them water hygiene surveys as they go beyond the requirements of BS8580 or HSG274. Our company roots lie in the water supply industry, so we also carry out water quality assessments and WRAS compliance checks as standard (as would be carried out within a water authority inspection). This means, as standard, we include chlorine level checks, standard bacterial tests, aesthetic and taste assessments and actively look for WRAS compliance, such as shower restraints and checks valves. To our knowledge, we are the only consultants to do this as standard in this sector.
Leak investigation works
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