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Bathing Water and Swimming Pool Water Testing across the UK

Chiltern Water & Environment offers reliable bacterial testing in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, North London, the Midlands and across the UK.

Bathing water and swimming pool water testing

The water in swimming pools and other bathing facilities (e.g. hydrotherapy/spa pools and hot tubs) is subject to water treatment to keep the water clean and prevent fouling or damage to process systems. As well as standard daily tests for pH, temperature and treatment (usually chlorine), PWTAG guidance indicates that all pool water should be sampled monthly for bacterial contamination and other chemical tests may be applicable.

Outdoor bathing is subject to natural conditions and contamination. A significant number of sites have been designated for testing at a national level where a large section of the public may be at risk whilst bathing. However, for many smaller operations, such as wakeboarding, sailing and canoeing, the waters are usually not tested. This leaves your business susceptible to insurance claims where infection through the water has occurred whilst carrying out activities organised by your company or organisation. It is possible to sample the water to the same national standards to demonstrate the water you are using is safe.
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You can rely on us for:

  • Carrying out standard monthly bacterial testing and analysis
  • Chemical tests to assess water treatment efficacy
  • Carrying out bathing water testing and sampling
  • Sourcing water treatment chemicals
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